Yalda Night | Looking Outward | 2014

Yalda Night was a project I did for my thesis with the themes of poetry and experimental typography. I wanted to explore ways in which I could invite others to experience my point of view as a person from a different culture, who moved from Iran to the U.S. I wished to share my intimate feelings, such as loneliness, fear, and the comfort I feel from reading poems. I took original and classic poems as a message from the past and from another land; I tried to add my flavor to them, not only to enhance and communicate the message, but also to make it enjoyable and encouraging to read. I wanted to integrate image and type. I decided to interpret the poems using environments inhabited by a variety of people, in a real world fraught with the cultural and visual conflicts I had been experiencing. I shared Iranian poems in dimensional form in different environments and capture the moments when people interact with Farsi types. I projected the words of the Farsi poem onto their bodies while they danced or posed with Farsi typography. I selected the environments according to the meanings and theme of the poems and how I want narrate my story through interpreting poems.

Creative DirectionGraphic DesignTypography
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