Sara is a thoughtful creative who’s not afraid to take chances. A long way from her native country of Iran, she’s not an accidental tourist. Sara is a creative individual on a mission, willing to make her home anywhere imagination lives. She moved to the United States in 2012 to get her MFA in graphic design at Maryland Institute Collage of Art (MICA). 
Sara has over 8 years of experience in graphic design with a range of experiences that span across web and interactive design, print and editorial design, branding and identity. She has spent most of her life studying, working and teaching in Iran, Switzerland, and the U.S. Her work was presented in several books and exhibitions, like Type on Screen by Ellen Lupton (2014) and the Young Guns Competition awards (2013). Recently the Walters Art Museum commissioned her to create the title wall for the Pearls on a String exhibition (2016). She also spends a part of her time sharing her experiences with incoming students as an adjunct professor. She has held several group exhibitions, lectures, and workshops.

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